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100% Original Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 Full System with Data Stream ( MD701,MD702,MD703 and MD704) Diagnostic Tool

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Original Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 Full System with Data Stream

1.Supported Languages:
English is default, but if you need change the languge, please send me the serial number, can authorize other languages, like Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Netherlands, Swedish, Russian, Japanese, Korean.

2. If you live in USA/UK, we will send it from our USA / UK warehouse, it will more faster

3. After you get it, please update firstly, then you can use it.
Four Reason To Get Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 Full System:
1. Free Update Online Lifetime on Autel Official Website

2.MaxiDiag Elite MD802  Coverage many Vehicle: 

Including MD701, MD702, MD703 and MD704 supported car models. Support European, Asian and USA car models from 1996 year.

3.Supports all 10 test modes of the latest J1979 OBD II test specs:

including Read / Erase Codes, Live Data, Freeze Frame,I/M Readiness, O2 Mon.Test, On-Board Mon.Test, Component Test and Vehicle Information.

4. One tool can do it all-reads and clears trouble codes on full system.

Vehicle Coverage:Include MD701, MD702, MD703, MD704:

Nissan, Infiniti, Toyota, Lexus, Scion, for Honda, Acura, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Isuzu, Hyundai, Kia, Daewoo, Mazda, Holden, Bens, Smart, Sprinter, Maybach, BWM, Mini, VW, Seat, Skoda, Audi, Opel, Land Rover, Jaguar, Volvo, Porsche, Saab, EU Ford, Vauxhall, Ford , GM, Chrysler, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, Dacia, Fiat, Abarth, Alfa-Romeo, Maserati, Lancia.

MaxiDiag Elite MD802 Feature & Functions:
1. Enhanced OBD II Mode 6.
2. Reads live datastream and freeze frame.
3. Turns off warning lights.
4. OBD II code tips guide technicians to the root cause of trouble code faster.
5. Data graphing.
6. Prints data via PC

MaxiDiag Elite MD802 Specification:

Display: TFT color display (320 x 240 dpi)
Operating Temperature: 0 to 60°C (32 to 140 °F)
External Power: 12.0 to 18.0 V power provided via vehicle battery or adapter
Length\Width\Height: 212 mm (8.35”)\110.5 mm (4.35”)\37.5 mm (1.48”)
Main Unit Weight: 0.28kg(without wire) 0.484kg(with wire)
Storage Temperature: -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158 °F)
Update your MD802 To Spanish:
1. Send Serial number to us, to authorize spanish. Also register an account on auteltech.com.
2. After authorization, need to install all software "autel update" in the CD on PC.
3. Connect SD card to PC, use SD reader to format the SD card, make sure the card is empty.
4. Open "autel update" installed, and log in by the account registered on auteltech.com.
5. Choose MD802, and choose all the software to download and install into the SD Card.

The Diffrence Between MD802 4 system and MD802 Full System:

1) Autel MaxiDiag MD802 For 4 System + DS model: only support Engine, Transmission, ABS, Airbag 4 systems +EPB + OIL Service Reset  and support data stream function.

2) Autel MaxiDiag MD802 For All System + DS model: Engine, Transmission, ABS, Airbag +EPB+OIL Service Reset & Electronic modules and support data stream function.

(MD701,MD702,MD703 and MD704, MD802) difference between 4 system and MD802 Full System:

The Diffrence Between MD802 And DS708:
The Diffrence Between MD802 And DS708

The Aute MD802 Description:

The Aute MD802 Description
The Aute MD802 Description
The Aute MD802 Description

MaxiDiag Elite MD802 Package List:

1pc x MD802 Main unit
1pc x SD Card
1pc x OBDII Cable
1pc x USB Cable
1pc x User's Manual
1pc x CD
1pc x Carry case

The Aute MD802 Package
Autel Certificate File:

Autel Certificate

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