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Autel MaxiVCI VCI 200 Bluetooth Works With Diagnostic Tablets MS906 PRO ITS600 BT609

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Autel MaxiVCI VCI 200 Bluetooth VCI Works With Autel Diagnostic Tablets MaxiSys MS906 PRO ITS600 BT609

Autel MaxiVCI VCI 200 is a VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface) device, which is used with MS906 PRO and ITS600 BT609 tablets to do vehicle diagnoses.
Product Features:
Built-In Battery, Internet Update, User Friendly

Bluetooth VCI
Product Functions:
1. Connects to the vehicles OBDII port
2. Lightweight vehicle connection interface (VCI)
3. Enables the Autel tablets to connect to the vehicles
4. Allows technicians to perform testing outside of the vehicles
5. The tablets mentioned in this advertisement is not included! It is for reference only!
6. The MaxiVCI needs to be used with Autel tablets like MS906 PRO, ITS600, etc.
VCI LED Description:
LED Color Description

Power LED
Yellow The VCl is powered on and performing self-check,
Green The VCl is ready for use.
Flashing Red The firmware is updating.
Vehicle/Connection LED Green Solid Green: The VCI is connected via USB cable.
Flashing Green: The VCl is communicating via USB cable.
Blue Solid Blue: The VCI is connected via Bluetooth.
Flashing Blue: The VCI is communicating via Bluetooth.

VCI interfaces

Product Specifications:
Condition New
Brand Autel
Supported System ABS, DPF, EPB, SAS, SRS, TPMS
Warranty 1 Year
Connectivity Bluetooth
UPC Does not apply
How to Use Autel MaxiVCI VCI 200

VCI details
Package Includes:
1pc x Autel MaxiVCI VCI 200

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