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2023 OTOFIX D1 Lite OBD2 Car Diagnostic Scan Tool All System Diagnoses Upgrade Version of MK808BT/ MK808

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2023 OTOFIX D1 Lite OBD2 Car Diagnostic Scan Tool All System Diagnoses


1. Read / clear codes for all available systems.
2. Upgrade of MK808BT MK808 MX808
3. Display live data in text, graph & analog for easy data review.
4. Extensive vehicle coverage for more than 80 US, Asian and European vehicle models.
5. Supports battery diagnoses with BT1 Lite Smart Battery Tester (purchased separately).
6. Capabilities for codes, live data, active test, ECU information, adaptation, matching, etc.
7. Two years free update and 1 year warranty.
(After two years, you can use the current software normally). If need to update, it charges 119usd/year. Click here.
8. Data Manager saves customer and vehicle records, scanner data, and technician notes for future review
9. Auto VIN technology can automatically identify the vehicle's make, model, and year information in no time.
10. Connect seamlessly with OTOFIX cloud service to obtain remote expert support and share diagnostic reports.
11. OTOFIX D1 Lite comes with a Multi-language menu. Language Supported: English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, Korean, and Russian.

Autel OTOFIX D1 Lite


OTOFIX D1 Lite is such a powerful diagnostic tool that you'll never have to wonder what check engine light means. It enables you to have the ability to run full systems diagnoses, comprehensive service functions, OE-level diagnoses and diagnostic trouble code (DTC) analyses.
OTOFIX D1 Lite, an advanced intelligent automotive diagnostic analyzer, is built to take your diagnostic experience to a whole new level, featuring up to 26 service functions. It provides one-stop solutions when paired with the OTOFIX cloud-based app on your phone or tablet.
Moreover, with the power of OTOFIX cloud services behind it, the D1 Lite will keep you on top of all the latest problems and fixes for an extensive variety of popular vehicle makes and models. Put the power of a professional garage in your hand with the OTOFIX D1 Lite.

Autel OTOFIX D1 Lite

OTOFIX D1 Lite Features:
OTOFIX D1 Lite is an ideal combination scanner of MaxiCOM MK808BT, MK808, MX808, which has entire same functions but much cheaper than MK808BT. Compared with predecessor scanner, D1 Lite new added communication protocol: GENERAL CAN-FD and BMW Land Rover DOIP protocol to expand vehicle coverage, feature optimizations, remote expert, frequent software updates, lightweight design.

OTOFIX D1 Lite has same diagnosis level as MK808BT MK808 MX808, wireless diagnose on vehicle systems: ABS, SRS, Engine, Transmission, ECM, PCM, EPS, PDM, TPM, BCM, etc. It enables retrieve ECU info, read/erase DTCs, view live data in text or graph, which allows you diagnose cars sub-systems accurately and quickly. Auto VIN function has the ability to get detailed info directly from ECU, no need to input every digit one by one.

OTOFIX D1 Lite scanner features 26 key special functions for 99% vehicles in the market: such as Oil Reset, EPB Reset, SAS Reset, DPF, BMS, ABS Bleed, BMS, Throttle, Injector Coding, DPF, Seats, Suspension Matching, WIN-DR-ROOF, Gear Learning, Turbo,etc. NOTE: Service functions don't work with all vehicles, please contact us to check compatibility before purchase.

Designed with automotive industry standards, OTOFIX D1 Lite supports 10,000 vehicles among US, EU, Asian makes, passenger cars, SUVs, etc. With Two Years of Free Software updates, vehicle coverage will be growing continuously. Note: Functions are not universal, please contact us to check compatibility before purchase.

OTOFIX D1 Lite has prodigious upgrade from MK808BT in hardware. It comes with Android 9.0 O peration System, 4xARM Cortex-A35 super fast processor, 7" LCD screen with 1280*800 resolution, 64GB Memory, 5800mAh battery, 8M rear to develop a great leap in hardware and 3X faster diagnosis and service. Saving money to acquire OTOFIX D1 lite with same diagnosis level as MK808BT.

OTOFIX D1 Lite vs MaxiCOM MK808BT vs MaxiCOM MK808:
AUTEL OTOFIX D1 Lite Compared with MaxiCOM MK808BT MaxiCOM MK808
Processor 4x ARM Cortex-A35 (1.5GHz)
Operating System Android 9.0
Storage 64GB
Display 7" LCD capacitive touchscreen with 1280*800 resolution
Battery 5800 mAh
Camera 8M
Connectivity USB OTG Type C / USB HOST Type C / Bluetooth
Storage Temperature -10 to 60°C (14 to 140°F)
Working Temperature 0 to 45°C (32 to 113°F)

Autel OTOFIX D1 Lite

Package List:
1pc x Main Unit
1pc x Power Adapter
1pc x Packing List
1pc x OTOFIX V1
1pc x USB to Ethernet Adapter
1pc x Carrying Case
1pc x Type C USB Cable
1pc x Quick Reference Guide

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