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Autel MaxiTPMS TBE200E Tire Brake Examiner TBE200(E) Laser Tire Tread Depth & Brake Disc Examiner 2 in 1 Tester Work with ITS600E

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Autel MaxiTPMS TBE200E Tire Brake Examiner 2022 Newest Laser Tire Tread Depth Brake Disc Wear 2in1 Tester Work with ITS600E


1. Uneven Wear Analysis
2. Real-Time Measurement Data
3. Measurement Data Curve Display
4. Laser Measurement With 0.1mm Accuracy
5. Tire Tread Depth & Brake Disc Wear In One Tool
6. No Need To Remove Wheel During Measurement

TBE200E Features:

1. Free Update Online Lifetime.
2. Laser Measurement Without Having to Remove Tires.
3. Full Tire Tread Depth and Brake Disc Wear Check 2 in 1
4. Use ITS600 to View and Print the Detailed TPMS Report.
5. 2 Test Modes Available to Test Single Tire or Comprehensive Four Tires.
6. Uneven Wear Analysis Without Measuring Different Parts for Several Times.
7. Multi-Language Supported: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Italian.

TBE200 Laser-Enabled Tire Tread Depth & Disk Wear Examiner Description:

The MaxiTPMS TBE200 is a laser-enabled tire tread depth & brake disc wear examiner that provides users with quick and accurate wear measurements. Measure brake disc wears without having to remove tires. It features a 1.65” AMOLED super retina touchscreen, displaying measurement data curves in real-time. TBE200 provides uneven wear analysis and detailed replacement & maintenance suggestions for quick tire service.

Why Buy Autel TBE200E:


Autel MaxiTPMS TBE200E is not only a laser inspector with a measuring accuracy of 0.1 mm but also can display measurements graphically. It is convenient for technicians and repair shop workers to measure tread depth/brake disc wear without removing wheels. TBE200E provides 4 possible results (Gray, Green, Yellow, and Red) represented to the degrees of tire wear/wear status, it offers accurate analysis to ensure your driving safety.


Autel TBE200E tread depth reader provides wear analysis and displays the measurement data curves in real-time and service advice on its 1.65-inch high-resolution super Retina touchscreen AMOLED. The full-color graphical display illustrates wear and provides service advice, including tire and brake disc replacement, tire rotation, and 4-wheel alignment. Adding scan DOT, tire expiration notice, and tire recall lookup functions help you get the tire data easier.


The TBE200E will offer optimal performance when paired with the ITS600E TPMS tool(sold separately). When used with the ITS600E, The TBE200E will take advantage of the ITS600E's larger screen to collect tire tread and brake disc wear information and combine it with TPMS information from the ITS600E to produce comprehensive vehicle health reports that include detailed information for both service areas. These reports can be printed and presented or kept as records for the repairer.


The Autel TBE200E TMPS tool not only supports 99% of vehicles including passenger cars, off-roads, and commercial vehicles but also is compatible with almost all tire types (Goodyear, Continental, Bridgestone, Dunlop, etc) on the market. TBE200E comes with a one-year warranty and 100% risk-free purchases. TBE200E will be your best choice!
MaxiTPMS TBE200E Features


Autel Maxi TPMS TBE200E is a laser tire tread depth and brake disc wear 2-in-1 tester, which can provide users with fast and accurate wear measurement(0.1 mm accuracy). It has a 1.65-inch AMOLED super retina touch screen, a 1-megapixel macro camera, and an 8-megapixel zoom camera to display the measurement data curve in real time. The TBE200 dual camera enables users to record tire wear and damage and scan the tire identification number (TIN).

Autel Maxi TPMS TBE200E has functions of scanning DOT, tire expiration notice, tire recall lookup, taking photos of tire wear and damage etc. With 1.65" Amoled super retina touchscreen, dual camera, real-time tire health/uneven wear analysis, full tread measurement, It supports almost all tire types, comprehensive test report (Need to work with ITS600E).

MaxiTPMS TBE200E functions

MaxiTPMS TBE200E Functions:
Tire Tread Depth
Using laser technology, the tire tread application analyzes the wear of the tires on vehicles without removing the tires. Place the tool on the tire, and the tool projects a laser beam. The wear measurement is then sent to the display screen with an accuracy within 0.1mm. Measurements are also displayed graphically. The Tire Tread application provides two types of checks: "All Treads" and "Single". When using this application, a message will be displayed to prompt users to choose between the current mode and the alternative one.
Brake Disc Check
This function allows the brake rotor surface wear to be measured. Place the tool's magnetic tip on the rotor 90 degrees so the laser will span from the hub and the edge of the disc. Swiping left will display the information for each brake rotor. If the figure 0.1 is showed on screen, it refers to the amount of surface wear on the brake rotor. It is 1/10TH of a millimeter. The typical threshold for replacement is 1.0 mm of material worn off the surface. So these rotors are in great condition.


How to Use TBE200E ?
Easy to Use Autel MaxiTPMS TBE200E, A good helper for Your Vehicle Tire Autel MaxiTPMS TBE200 one-button operation, easy to use.
Step 1: Long press the power button to turn on the tool.
Step 2: Perform Tire Tread Check: on the home screen, tap the "Tread Check" icon, and place the tool on the tire surface. Short press the power button. Ensure the laser line is perpendicular to the channels of the tire. The screen will display real-time measurement data, slide left to view details.
Step 3: Possible Results for Measurements: wear status is represented by icon color: A gray icon indicates the tire is untested; green indicates the tire is in good condition; yellow indicates a replacement is recommended; red indicates immediate replacement is recommended.
Step 4: Calibration: on the home screen, tap the "Calibration" icon, and place the magnetic head on the calibration table. Press the power button to start. Wait for 1-2 minutes until calibration is completed.
How to Use TBE200E ?

Calibration frequency: Calibration is recommended every two months. Immediate calibration should be performed if deviations are detected or if the tool is dropped or in some manner mishandled.
Recommended Use Indoor
Processor 4x ARM Cortex-A35 (1.5 GHz)
Display 1.65-inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen with 348×442resolution
Connectivity Wi-Fi USB 2.0, Type C
Camera CMOS WXGA, 1 megapixel & 8 megapixel, 30fps
Audio output Beep
Battery and Power 3.7 V/3000 mAh 18650 lithium-ion battery/Charges via 5 V AC/DC power supply
Tested Battery Life Around 8 hours of continuous use
Battery Charging Input 5 V/1.5 A
Power Consumption 300 mA (AMOLED on with default brightness) @3.7 V
Operating Temp -10 to 45°C(14 to 113°F)
Storage Temp -20 to 60°C (-4 to 140°F)
Dimensions(W x H x D) 283.0mm (11.14”) x 39.0 mm (1.54”) x 33.5 mm (1.32”)
Net Weight 188 g (0.41 lb.)

Package Includes:

1pc x Main Unit
1pc x Calibration Table
1pc x Power Adapter
1pc x Type C USB Cable
1pc x Quick Reference Guide
1pc x Packing List
1pc x Carrying Case
1pc x Screen Wiper

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