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2023 Autel MaxiCOM Ultra Lite Intelligent Diagnostic Tool Support Topology Mapping & Guided Function with Free MaxiVideo MV108

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2023 Autel MaxiCOM Ultra Lite Top Intelligent Diagnostic Tool with J2534 ECU Programming & ECU Coding & Diagnostic Topology

Promotion: Buy Autel MaxiCOM Ultra Lite Get Free MV108, Contact us with E-Mail: Sales@AutelSale.com Or Whatsapp: 86-13559259264 to Get Best Price $2659!

Autel Ultra Lite Highlights:

1. No IP Restriction, You can use Ultra Lite all over the world.
2. Multi-language
: English, French, German, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, and Italian.
3. ScanVIN: Barcode or Text Recognition with Camera
4. Two Years Free Update online. (For the 2nd year update service, we will add it for you after one week you register online). After two years, click here to get Autel Ultra Lite one year update service.
5. Upgraded Version of Maxisys MS908P, MS919, MS909, and Maxisys Elite.
6. Split-Screen Multi-Application Navigation with Super Fast Running Speed, Greatly Improving Your Work Efficiency.
7. Multiple Repair Guidance: Technical Service Bulletin (TSB), DTC Analysis, Repair Assist, Repair Tips, Component Measurement, and Relevant Cases
8. Built-in demonstration software gives you the opportunity to quickly learn the operation of our tool on different vehicles.
9. One-Stop Intelligent Diagnosis With Topology Mapping, Helping You Have a Clear Picture of Vehicle Status; For each fault code, Ultra performs in-depth analysis and gives the OE data and processing suggestions.

Autel Ultra Lite Highlights

Ultra Lite Main Features:

MaxiSys Ultra Lite Scanner has up to 40+ Reset service function options.
Autel Diagnostic tool Ultra Lite works well on 80+ car makes and models.
18000mAh - 8hrs Continuous Use / 16MP Rear Camera 16MP Front Camera.
Autel Maxisys Ultra Lite supports the display of diagnostic topology maps.
Autel Maxisys Ultra Lite flagship diagnostic tool supports Online ECU Coding and Programming.
Ultra Lite has top hardware support, a 12.9" 2732*2048 screen, 4G RAM, 256G ROM, and a 18000mAh battery, etc.

More New Added Function

1. Remote Expert:
2. Expanded Functions, Like adding on MV108 Videoscope or Autel battery tester BT506
3. WiFi Printing

Ultra Lite Other Features:

Enhanced Diagnostic Reports: PreSCAN & PostSCAN
Secure Gateway Access
: Authorized FCA SGM Access with AutoAuth Account
Oscilloscope Preset Guided Component Tests / Waveform Library
Repair Assist: Guided Procedures with DTC Analysis Fault Code Solutions
Topology Module Mapping: Color Coded All System Status Screen (on supported vehicles)
Split Screen Multi-Application Function / Dual Wi-Fi Connection
Relevant Cases: DTC Troubleshooting / Repair Tips Video Library
New VCI Protocols: D-PDU, DoIP/CAN FD, Mega CAN
Code-Related Technical Service Bulletins (on select vehicles) / License Plate Reader


The Autel MaxiCOM Ultra Lite is a 12.9-inch intelligent automotive diagnostic scan tablet, it provides full functions and online repair information needed when diagnosing vehicles, identifying faults, and researching repairs.

Autel Ultra Lite scanner features a powerful octa-core processor, Android 7.0 OS, and 256GB of built-in memory for swift diagnostics and optimum viewing. As an intelligent automotive diagnostic system, MaxiCOM Ultra Lite not only offers dynamic topology module mapping, enhanced AutoSCAN features and Intelligent Diagnostics options but provides step-by-step guidance to ensure the repair is done correctly and efficiently.


Comprehensive diagnostics on 1996 and newer U.S., Asian and European vehicles
Includes advanced MaxiFlash J2534 VCI extra support latest DoIP, D-PDU, CAN FD, and RP1210 protocols.
AutoScan: Scan all available systems, Read/Erase Codes, View Freeze Frame, and Live Data
Comprehensive Integillent OBDII diagnostics & Repair Assist, Bi-directional control, and advanced ECU coding and programming
AutoVIN/Scan VIN for rapid vehicle identification
Extensive Service Menu: Quick access to 40+ most common maintenance services
VAG Guided Functions and Built-in Demo App
Perform Battery and Charging System analysis with additional purchase MaxiBAS BT506 tester.
Cloud-based Reports, Data Management and Remote Expert

Tip: if you use ultra lite in the EU, cannot support Remote Expert now.

Intelligent Diagnostics

DTC & Symptom Based Repair Guided Assistance, Improve Shop Repair Efficiency by 70%+

The Autel MaxiCOM Ultra Lite delivers leading-edge automotive diagnostics, repair, and calibration technologies packaged in a 12.9" tablet. With a split-screen multi-application display and integrates OE-TSB (technical service bulletin), DTC guidance, and repair step-by-step assistance to improve technicians' repair efficiency to a new level. It prioritizes multiple faults, and automatically matches the circuit diagram of the faults to guide users in troubleshooting, definitely the ideal choice for car workshop owners.

Intelligent Diagnostics is a specific fault code analysis function, with which you can access the most comprehensive and the latest code-specific data, DTC analysis, repair assistance, repair tips, and relevant repair cases. It has been drawn from real world shop repair orders and records and with input from experienced industry professionals.

Intelligent Diagnostics adopts scientific data cloud computing technology to match the specific fault code with the exact vehicle model. And the data has been thoroughly verified by automotive maintenance professionals.

And with the latest technology of AutoVIN/Scan VIN, the Autel Ultra Lite diagnostic tool makes it more rapid and accurate to identify your vehicle and get all system scans.

1. Vehicle System and Detected DTC(s)– displays the name of the vehicle system(s) and the detected DTC(s)

2. Technical Service Bulletin– contains DTC-related recalls, TSB, and OEM campaigns.

3. DTC Analysis– provides repair assistance information related to the fault code.

4. Repair Assist – intelligently prioritizes DTCs and leads the user to the proper repair.

5. Component Measurement– provides detailed information and instructional guides on using the oscilloscope to test components for faults.

6. Relevant Cases– offers relevant fault-clearing cases for reference.

7. Sput Screen Display–View Multiple Functions AT Once

8. Repair Tips–Intelligent Guide

Auto Scan


Note: Before performing the Intelligent Diagnostics function, please ensure the network is connected successfully

Function Introduction - Vehicle System and Detected DTC(s)

This section displays the scanned vehicle systems that contain faults. Tap the drop-down menu to view comprehensive information on ALL systems or switch to different fault codes for details.

Vehicle System and Detected DTC(s) Screen:

Vehicle System and Detected DTC(s) Screen

Topology Module Mapping

Topology Module Mapping

Single Page Color Coded Module Status Mapping

Autel Ultra Lite automotive scanner can generate a topology map intuitively presenting all module diagnostic results(DTCs status and numbers) in different colors and make you know the communication structure between the modules. This function offers technicians great convenience to locate faults and causes!

MaxiCOM Ultra Lite Scanner provide user advanced ECU Programming and Coding

Technical Service Bulletin (OEM Information)

The Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) function matches the selected fault code with relevant vehicle manufacturer TSBs. All TSBs that relate to the selected DTC are listed in the TSB display window. Select a TSB to open the TSB page and view the TSB in details


Repair Assist

The Repair Assist displays a list of items and their descriptions, completion status, and priorities. The higher the priority number is (1 is the highest), the earlier the related items should be tested.

Repair Assist

To perform Repair Assist

Tap the Repair Assist button on the Intelligent Diagnostics screen to open the page.
Tap the Run icon on the right to perform the selected item. Simply follow the screen prompts and make a series of choices.
Select a branch, then tap the Continue button to go to the next step.
In some cases, it is necessary to check the circuits. Tap the legend button in the upper-right corner, and you will be able to locate the components, connectors, wiring, and ground electrodes by tapping the names in the list when necessary.
Some vehicles are not only supported to check the circuits but locations of components. Tap the Location button, and the components’ location on the vehicle will be shown.

Component Measurement

The component measurement section provides a general troubleshooting overview and guides to connect and use the oscilloscope to test components for faults. This section may include relevant circuit or wiring diagrams, vehicle structures analysis, waveform analysis, related DTCs, and detailed notation to aid the technician in diagnostics and repairs.

DTC Analysis

On the Intelligent Diagnostics screen, the DTC Analysis contains repair assistance and information related to the fault codes, including the fault description, condition, and possible solution. The repair assistance information may vary by vehicle.

DTC Analysis

Advanced ECU Programming & Coding - Maximum of Your Car

Autel Ultra Lite automotive scan tool with ECU programming or ECU remapping function that allows mechanics and technicians to quickly and efficiently reprogram the ECU to customer or garage specifications, customize car parameters, and replace existing software/firmware in the ECUs to improve the vehicle's overall performance.

Since the introduction of OBDII and leading up to modern Hybrids and EVs, hardware and software technologies in cars have been advancing at an exponential rate. Updating the software may be the only way to fix the following issues:

Fuel Efficiency
Power Loss
Fault Codes
The durability of Mechanical Parts
The Programming function is used to re-flash the vehicle control modules, which allows you to update the computer software of the vehicle to the latest version, as well as to reprogram adaptive data of certain components after making repairs or replacements

Available programming operations vary by test vehicle. Only the available operations display in the tablet menu. There are two general types of programming operations:

All available systems for coding are displayed on the left side and the coding data or value is on the right side.
The bottom of the main section displays the function buttons that enable you to manipulate the operation.

ECU Online Programming: for Benz / BMW ONLY

ECU Offline Programming: for Ford, Mazda, Jaguar, Vauxhall, and Opel ONLY

ECU Coding + Adaptations: With an enhanced ECU coding function, the Ultra lite diagnostic tool allows you to refresh the hidden features, customize the OE settings and enhance the vehicle performance, fuel efficiency, and reduce power loss.

ECU Coding: for Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, VW, Nissan, Nissan-GTR, Infiniti, Hyundai

Hidden function renewal: for BMW, VW, Audi, Skoda

ECU Programming

Bi-directional Control (Active Test)

Ultra Lite automotive diagnostic scanner comes with bi-directional control capability to perform active tests to determine the integrity of a system or parts like ABS, window, door, or roof, by reading the ECU data, or by monitoring the operation of the actuators, such as switching a solenoid, relay.

Bi-directional Control (Active Test)

Note: Available tests vary depending on the manufacturer, year, and model, and only the available tests display in the menu. To check compatibility with your vehicle, please refer to the Autel website or consult us directly.

services40+ Services & Functions

As the Autel TOP scan tool, MaxiCOM Ultra Lite comes with 40+ service functions and can be updated constantly for wider vehicle coverage, more functions, and functional optimization, to meet all your needs for various scheduled repairs or maintenance.

The Service section is specially designed to provide you with quick access to the vehicle systems for various scheduled service and maintenance performances. The typical service operation screen is a series of menu driven executive commands. By following the on-screen instructions to select appropriate execution options, enter correct values or data, and perform necessary actions, the system will guide you through the complete performance for various service operations.

The maintenance functions are as follows: Oil Reset, EPB, TPMS, BMS, Brake Bleed, DPF SCR Aftertreatment, IMMO keys, Injector, SAS, Suspension, Throttle, WIN DR ROOF, Seats, Odometer, Lang change, Headlamp, CHG tire size, TEC learn, ABSSRS, Cylinder, VGT learn, Speed & PTO, Clutch, Trans adaptation, Airbag reset, and A/F Setting.

40+ Services and Functions

Note: The reset service is not applicable to all models, and the models supported by different functions are different. If you need to know whether Autel diagnostic tools can support it, please contact us and inform us of

Vehicle information (brand, model, model or VIN )
Requirements (code reading, clearing code? Which one or several items of the reset service? Or more advanced functions).

Contact us via Whatsapp:+86-13559259264.

Autel MaxiSys Ultra Lite Helpful Service

Auto VIN -
The diagnostic system features the latest VIN-based Auto VIN Scan function to identify CAN vehicles in just one touch, which allows the technician to quickly detect vehicles, scan all the diagnosable ECUs on every vehicle and run diagnostics on the selected system
Remote Desk – Ultra Lite works with TeamViewer Quick Support to enable you to receive ad-hoc remote support from Autel's support center, colleagues, or friends, by allowing them to control your tablet diagnostic tool on their PC.
Shop Manager – MaxiSys Ultra Lite owns an application that helps you deal with the daily workshop business and improve customer service by helping you manage the workshop information, customer information records, and much more.
Data Manager –Ultra Lite Supports storing, printing, and reviewing saved files. (Data Manager Report Function Display, more details, click here.)
Academy -Autel MaxiSys Ultra Lite provides tutorials and technical bulletins written by top-notch technicians and product experts

Autel MaxiSys Ultra Lite Helpful Service

Hidden Brush

The Autel Ultra Lite is a powerful diagnostic tool that comes equipped with a variety of advanced features, including a hidden function known as "flashing" or "hiding". This function allows users to make certain changes to the programming of their vehicle's onboard computer system, which can be useful for a range of purposes.

For example, if you have modified your vehicle with aftermarket parts such as a new exhaust system or performance chip, you may need to adjust the engine's parameters in order to achieve optimal performance. The flashing function in the Autel Ultra Lite allows you to do just that, by changing the settings of the ECU (engine control unit) to better suit your vehicle's modifications.

In addition, the hidden function can also be used to remove certain restrictions or limitations that may have been programmed into the vehicle's computer system by the manufacturer. This can include speed limiters, torque limiters, and other types of restrictions that may be holding your vehicle back.

Hidden Brush

Guided Function

The Guided Functions are advantaged with their easy operations. A guided function is composed of multiple basic functions, freeing users from trouble such as looking up channel numbers and login codes. Every guided function has detailed operation guidance and an operating condition statement.

Guided Function

Online ECU Coding

Autel MaxiSys Ultra Lite professional auto diagnostic tool comes with an advanced ECU coding function. ECU Coding allows you to establish a data link to the electronic control system of the test vehicle via the VCI device for vehicle diagnosis, service or coding. You can operate functional tests, retrieve vehicle diagnostic information such as trouble codes, event codes, and live data, and perform ECU coding, for various vehicle control systems, such as engine, transmission, ABS and more.

Online ECU Coding

Autel MaxiCOM Ultra Lite New Functions Added in 2023

new added functions

Worldwide and Newer Vehicle Coverage

The MaxiCOM Ultra Lite scanner provides the absolute full range of diagnostics (including read/erase codes, view freeze frame, and live data) for any vehicle manufactured in 1996 or later. It doesn’t matter if your garage is geared toward domestic, Asian, and European cars—this diagnostic tool's got you covered. Supported vehicles from more than 80 manufacturers, and 140 brands.

Besides, the Autel Ultra Lite scanner is supplied with MaxiFlash VCI with Enhanced Protocol Compatibility, which supports D-PDU, RP1210, and CANFD. J2534 and DoIP protocols.

D-PDU / J2534 / RP1210 Diagnostic Protocols Cover More Vehicle Types

DoIP / CAN FD Protocols for High-Speed CAN Cover New Vehicle Models

Autel Ultra Series Comparison List:

Autel MaxiCOM Ultra Lite diagnostic scanner has total same hardware specifications and software functions as Maxisys Ultra, the main difference between both is Ultra lite comes with MaxiFlash J2534 VCI while the Maxisys Ultra scanner is equipped with MaxiFLASH VCMI 5-in-1 VCI.







Vehicle Connection

MaxiFlash VCMI
Including Latest Protocols

MaxiFlash VCI
Including Latest Protocols

MaxiFlash VCMI
Including Latest Protocols

MaxiFlash VCI
Including Latest Protocols

Color Screen

12.9-Inch Touchscreen
2732 x 2048 DPI / TFT-LCD Corelle Glass

12.9-Inch Touchscreen
2732 x 2048 DPI / TFT-LCD Corelle Glass

9.7-Inch Touchscreen
1536 X 2048 DPI / TFT-LCD Asahi GLASS

9.7-Inch Touchscreen
1536 X 2048 DPI / TFT-LCD Asahi Glass


2.3GHz + 1.7GHz

2.3GHz + 1.7GHz

2.3GHz + 1.7GHz

2.3GHz + 1.7GHz

Memory / RAM






18,000 mAh

18,000 mAh

15,000 mAh

15,000 mAh


16MP Rear / 5MP Front

16MP Rear / 5MP Front

16MP Rear / 5MP Front

16MP Rear / 5MP Front

Docking Station



MaxiCOM Ultra Lite Specification:

Operating System:

Android 7.0


Samsung Exynos8895V octa-core Processor (2.3GHz Quad-core Mongoose + 1.7GHz Quad-core A53)


4GB RAM & 256GB On-board Memory


12.9 inch TFT-LCD with 2732 x 2048 resolution & capacitive touch screen


•WiFix2 (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 2x2 MIMO),BT v.2.1 + EDR,GPS
USB 2.0 (Two USB HOST Type A, one USB mini device),HDMI 2.0,SD Card (Support up to 256GB)


Rear: 16 Megapixel, Autofocus with Flashlight
Front: 5 Megapixel


Gravity Accelerometer, Ambient Light Sensor (ALS)

Audio Input/Output:

•Microphone,Dual Speakers,3-Band 3.5 mm stereo/standard headset jack

Power and Battery:

18000mAh 3.8 V lithium-polymer battery
Charging via 12 V AC/DC power supply with the temperature between 0°C and 45°C

Input Voltage:

12V/3A Adapter

Operating Temp.:

0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)

Storage Temp.:

-20 to 60°C (-4 to 140°F)

Dimensions (W x H x D):

366.5 mm (14.43") x 280.9 mm (11.06") x 34 mm (1.34")


2.18kg (4.81 lb.)


DoIP, PLC J2497, ISO-15765, SAE-J1939, ISO-14229 UDS, SAE-J2411 Single Wire Can (GMLAN), ISO-11898-2, ISO-11898-3, SAE-J2819 (TP20),
TP16, ISO-9141, ISO-14230, SAE-J2610 (Chrysler SCI), UART Echo Byte, SAE-J2809 (Honda Diag-H), SAE-J2740 (GM ALDL), SAE-J1567 (CCD BUS),
Ford UBP, Nissan DDL UART with Clock , BMW DS2, BMW DS1, SAE J2819 (VAG KW81), KW82, SAE J1708, SAE-J1850 PWM (Ford SCP), SAE-J1850 VPW (GM Class2)

Autel MaxiCOM Ultra Lite Package Content:

1pc x MaxiCOM Ultra Lite Main Unit
1pc x MaxiFlash VCI
1pc x Docking Station
1pc x Main Cable V2.0
1pc x USB 2.0 Cable V2
1pc x AC/DC Adapter(12V)
1pc x Auxiliary Power Outlet Adapter
2pcs x Spare Fuse 6x30mm
1pc x Clamp Cable
1pc x USB to Ethernet Adapter
1pc x Quick Reference Guide
1pc x Packing List
1pc x Soft Cloth
1pc x Carrying Case

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