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Autel Maxisys MS906 Pro Diagnostic with ECU Coding Bi-Directional Diagnostic Tool Get Free Autel BT506

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Autel Maxisys MS906 Pro Car Diagnostic Scan Tool with Advanced ECU Coding OBD2/OBD1 Bi-Directional Diagnostic Scanner


1. Includes VCI200 which is compatible with CANFD
2. AutoVIN / Scan VIN for rapid vehicle identification
3. Read / Erase Codes, View Freeze Frame, and Live Data
4. AutoScan: Scan all available systems, including ADAS identification
5. Perform Active Tests (bi-directional controls), Coding and Adaptations
6. Comprehensive diagnostics on 1996 and newer U.S., Asian and European vehicles
7. Extensive Service Menu: Quick access to 36 + the most common maintenance tasks
8. Perform Battery and Charging System analysis with the additional purchase MaxiBAS BT506 tester.
9. 1-Year Free Update Online. After one year, you can get MS906 PRO One Year Update Service 495usd/year. 
10. Buy MS906 PRO to Get BT506 for free.

Autel MS906 Pro vs. MS906 Pro-TS vs. MK906 Pro vs. MK906 Pro-TS, click here.
Autel MaxiSys Comparioisn List: MS906S vs MS906 PRO vs MS906 PRO-TS vs MS909 vs MS919 vs Ultra, Click here.

MS906 Pro

Why is Autel MS906 Pro Called to Be the Comprehensive Upgraded Version of MS906 / MS906S / MS906BT / MK906BT?

The 2022 newest Autel OBD1 OBD2 diagnostic scanner – Autel MaxiSys MS906 Pro is a great update, which has gathered all the advanced upgrades on both hardware and software from Autel MS906 / MS906S / MS906BT / MK906BT / MS908. It inherits all the distinct qualities and functions of them, and also makes various significant changes under the hood that provide benefits including wider vehicle coverage, faster operation speed, and more and more functions with more bugs fixed.

Compared with MS906BT/MK906BT, this 2022 Autel MS906 Pro has newly added various functions for fast and easy car diagnostics & repairs & maintenance:

More Maintenance Functions: 36+ (Upgraded for more);
SCAN VIN/License (Newly added);
More Advanced Online Coding + Offline Adaptation
More Expanded Functions: Battery Tester (With additional purchase)
More Protocol Supported: CAN FD Protocol
10+ High-End Functions (IMMO Keys/Module Replacement/Bi-Directional Control/Guided Functions for VW, Audi...)

Why Is MS906PRO the First Choice for Large/Mid-Sized Repair Shops?

Android 7.0, 4/128G
MaxiVCI V200
8" 1920*1200 Display
8-Core Samsung Exynos 8895 Processor:
OBD2+OBD1 Bluetooth diagnosis from 1996 to 2022

hardware update


Autel MaxiSYS MS906 Pro is a high-powered eight-inch advanced diagnostic tablet featuring expanded software and cloud-based data and repair services. The MS906 Pro's Octa-core processor, Android 7 operating system, and 128 GB of memory enable the tablet to perform advanced diagnostics, including coding and adaptations, access comprehensive repair information, and conduct battery and electrical system analysis and ADAS calibrations.


1. English Language Available Only 
2. Does Not Include OBD-I Cable and Adapters In the Package (Need to buy Separately) 
3. Requires the Nissan 16+32 ByPass Cable Adapter (Need to buy Separately) for Nissan Sentra 2020 and newer models.


1. 8-inch, 1920 x 1200 high-resolution touchscreen tablet, Samsung Exynos Octa-core processor with 128 GB storage and running Android 7 operating system.
2. Long-lasting 11,600 mAh rechargeable battery, 5 MP front camera and 16 MP rear camera.
3. MaxiCVI V200 wireless Bluetooth vehicle communication interface supporting the latest communication protocols.


1. Comprehensive diagnostics on 1996 and newer U.S., Asian and European vehicles
2. AutoScan: Scan all available systems, including ADAS identification
3. Read/Erase Codes, View Freeze Frame and Live Data
4. Perform Active Tests (bi-directional controls), Coding and Adaptations
5. AutoVIN/Scan VIN for rapid vehicle identification
6. Perform ADAS (inc. Camera/s, Radar, LiDAR, Night Vision) Systems Calibrations with additional purchase.

New Software Features

Battery analyzation capability
Cloud-based Reports and Data Management
With purchase of ADAS calibration frame system and software
With additional purchase of the MaxiBAS BT506 battery and electrical system tester.
Remote Expert

36+ Maintenance Functions to Meet All Your Needs

This Autel scan tool features an extensive menu to get quick access of 36+ well-received reset and relearn services to meet 99% of needs for various scheduled repairs or maintenance, and is updated constantly for more options and wider vehicle coverage.

36+ Services

When repairing/maintaining vehicles, there are 2 problems often faced by large/mid-sized auto repair shops:

1) The functions of their diagnostic tools are NOT enough.
2) Their diagnostic tools CAN NOT fully cover all the vehicles in the repair shop.

Take it easy. Autel MaxiSys MS906 Pro can save you from these two troublesome situations. Based on the principle that an OBD2 diagnostic scanner can meet all the needs of a repair shop, this Autel diagnostic tool provides 36+ maintenance functions to cover almost all vehicle problems in the repair shop. With Autel MS906 Pro, you don't need to keep buying different diagnostic tools to obtain more functions and cover different cars. Meantime, it can also be updated constantly for more models and functions.

5 Most Commonly Used Maintenance Functions:

Oil Reset (support 61 brands): reset the oil life system after oil or oil filter replacements; compatible with VAG, Benz, BMW, GM, etc.
EPB (support 45 brands): reset the brake pad after replacing the brake pad, servo motors, etc.; compatible with VAG, Benz, BMW, GM, etc.
TPMS (support 49 brands): reset the tire pressure and turn off the tire pressure fault indicator; compatible with Toyota, Chrysler, VAG, Benz, etc.
BMS (support 45 brands): reset the battery after replacing battery or battery monitoring sensors; compatible with VAG, Benz, BMW, etc.
ABS Bleeding (support 44 brands): bleed the brake system when the ABS contains air; compatible with GM, Ford, Honda, etc.

More Hot & Advanced Maintenance Functions for Fast Maintenance:

Airbag Reset, DPF Reg., IMMO Service, Injector Coding, SAS Calibration, Suspension Calibration, Throttle Adaption, ABS/SRS, Gear Learning, Sunroof Initialization, Seats Calibration, Headlight Matching, A/F Setting, WIN DR Roof, Odometer, CHG Tire Size, Cylinder, Turbocharging, Limit, Trans Adaption, Power Balance, Component Matching, etc.
Note: Constantly Updating for More & Vary Depending on the Make, Model, and Year.

Bi-Directional Control – Precisely Locate Car Problems

Featuring bi-directional control, this Autel intelligent diagnostic tool – Autel Bluetooth scanner MS906 Pro, can output the commands to ECUs, read the ECU data and monitor the operation of the actuators. Through active tests, also called actuator tests, this bi-directional diagnostic scanner can precisely locate the car problems, letting you quickly know whether a specific system, component or subsystem is functioning properly or not.

Bi-Directional Control – Precisely Locate Car Problems

For example, If a fuel pump is not working and leads to ignition failure, it could be a faulty pump, wiring, relay, or command. By turning the fuel pump on and off via the MaxiSys MS906 Pro, you can quickly determine whether it’s wiring, relay, or pump issue without removing any parts.

Here are some other examples of active tests, which help you locate faults in the shortest time, saving time on troubleshooting:

1. Cycle the a/c clutch on and off;
2. Switch the interior lights on and off;
3. Perform an evaporative emissions leak test;
4. Active tests for inside mirrors, exterior mirrors (high version only), adaptive headlamp, steering wheel heating, windows, wash/wipe system, horn, reset starter lock, etc.

Note: Not universal for all vehicles. & Available tests vary depending on the make, year, and model.

OE-Level Diagnostics – All-Around, Fast, Smart, and Accurate

There are various car diagnostic scanners in the market, including 2-system, 4-system, and full-system diagnostic tools. If you want to diagnose the whole car, including battery, steering, suspension, audio, or headlamp system…Then you will find the full-system diagnostic tool – Autel MS906 Pro to be a perfect choice since it will scan all available electronic systems of cars and troubleshoot the issue in minutes.

MS906 Pro OE-Level Diagnostics

Diagnose All Available Systems:

The Engine System includes the engine, cylinders, pistons, lubrication, cooling components, etc.
The Fuel System includes the fuel pump, fuel lines, a fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter, fuel injectors, etc.
The Ignition System includes the ignition switch, the battery, the coil, the camshaft, the rotor arm, etc.
The Electrical System includes the battery, starter, alternator, etc.
The Exhaust System includes the exhaust manifold, oxygen sensors, catalytic converters, resonators, exhaust pipes, muffler, tailpipe, etc.
The Drive Train System includes the transmission, the driveshaft, the axles, the wheels, etc.
The Suspension & Steering Systems include shocks, struts, the steering pinion, etc.
The Frame & Body Systems include chassis, doors, windows, seats, Roof, etc.

Additionally, this 2022 Autel upgraded version of MK906BT / MS906BT performs the same diagnostics as the OEM scanner of the dealership, offering all-around, fast, smart, accurate diagnoses.

Read ECU Information of the tested control units including unit type, version numbers, etc.
Read / Clear DTCs to locate problem areas and clear the codes after certain repairs.
View Live Data of each parameter item in various modes, such as text, waveform, or combination (4 in 1 data stream).
Active Test/Bi-directional Control to accurately figure out whether a specific system, component or subsystem in certain parts goes well or not.

Advanced ECU Coding for High-Level Repairs & Customization

Like automotive scanner MaxiSys MS908, Autel MS906 Pro professional auto diagnostic tool comes with an advanced ECU coding function. ECU Coding allows you to establish a data link to the electronic control system of the test vehicle via the VCI device for vehicle diagnosis, service, or coding. You can operate functional tests, retrieve vehicle diagnostic information such as trouble codes, event codes and live data, and perform ECU coding, for various vehicle control systems, such as engine, transmission, ABS, and more.

ECU coding

Online Coding

empower you to access the online data from the OEM server to do high-level repairs, such as BMW F and E Chassis Coding, Porsche Coding, and VW Online Coding.

Offline Coding:

read the code from the original module, and then write the code to the new module, e.g. Ford Offline Adaptation.

Module Replacement:

recode/reset/match/initialize adaptive data for certain components after replacing modules; available for Honda, Chrysler, VAG, GM, Peugeot, Citroen, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, etc.

Refresh Hidden Features:

activate the hidden features or disable the annoying features; compatible with Toyota, VW, BMW, etc.
Reinforce the car's performance:
Note: The ECU coding is not universally compatible and varies depending on the make, year, and model.

Extensive Coverage (10000+ Models)

This Autel OBD1 OBD2 diagnostic scanner supports 99% of cars worldwide, almost fully covering all the cars in repair shops.

1. Support 10000+ models worldwide from 1996-2022;
2. Cover American, European, and Asian makes and models;
3. Compatible with both OBD2 & OBD1 compliant vehicles
4. Being updated for more models and the latest models

VAG Guided Function

VAG Guided Function

Autel MS906 Pro comes with the guided function, which offers on-screen instructions to guide you on how to complete some complicated functions, such as steering angle calibration, TPMS reset, and car coding. Just follow the step-by-step guides. This function is available for VW, Seat, Skoda, etc.

Remote Expert (Coming Soon)
Developed by Autel, Remote Expert of this Autel smart diagnostic scanner is a cloud-based solution offering connections to experienced experts for your remote programming needs.

Easily contact a trusted expert directly from your MaxiSYS tools, such as MS906 Pro, MS909, MS919, MaxiSys Ultra, etc.
Communicate to the experts through integrated instant messaging and voice;
Monitor vehicle vitals while programming.

Add-on Functions

Maxisys MS906 Pro is a diagnostic scanner with various interfaces that can access to more Add-on like Inspection Camera, HDMI Projector, Phone, PC, USB Memory Stock, Headset, Oscilloscope, Extend SD Card etc.

MS906 Pro add on functions

1. MS906 Pro connects to a MV108 / MV105 inspection camera and turns into a video inspection scope, allowing you to examine difficult-to-reach areas normally hidden from sight. It is capable of recording digital still images and videos, which offers you an economical solution to inspect machinery, facilities, and infrastructure in a safe and quick way.

2. MaxiSys MS906 Pro works with Autel MP408 oscilloscope providing you an insight to the inner workings of a vehicle's electronic circuits. Featuring the user-friendly UI design combined with the unrivalled hardware specs, is able to measure and test virtually all the electrical and electronic components and circuits in any modern vehicles.


3. Autel automotive tool MS906 Pro works with Battery Tester(BT506) to check 12V vehicle battery and view the health status of the vehicle's battery and electrical system.

Autel Cloud: One-Stop, Cloud-Based Repair & Diagnosis Solution
In order to help you take the guesswork out of what specific issues you may face, Autel welcomes you to join the MaxiFix Platform and cloud-based Remote Expert, where experts and amateurs can offer associated fixes and troubleshooting suggestions to timely help you diagnose and repair issues, especially on new models that have only been on the market for a short time.

MaxiFix Platform: this scan tool comes with a platform that allows you to network with other professional technicians and access a huge database of repair, diagnostic tips, and processes. You can as well have data feedback and get several repairs works well-completed.
Remote Expert: Developed by Autel, offered through supported MaxiSys scanners, you can easily connect with pre-qualified experts to help you complete tricky diagnostic tasks who are even thousands of miles away, covering the most popular makes and models including GM, Mercedes, BMW, Chrysler, etc., and ensuring fast, reliable services even for brand-specific coding, programming works. Or, you may consider joining the independent team of Remote Experts, if you're interested in additional revenue streams for yourself or your shop. **An active Autel subscription may be required.

2022 AUTEL MAXISYS MS906 PRO vs MaxiSYS MS906 Pro-TS, click here.

MS906 vs MS906BT vs MS906 PRO vs MS906TS vs MS906 PRO-TS vs MK908P, click here.


Operating System: Android 7.0
CPU Samsung Exynos 8 Core(4*M2 2.3G + 4*A53 1.7G)
Memory 4/128GB
Memory: 64GB
Display: 8.0" LED capacitive touch screen with 1920x1200 resolution
Camera(rear) Front: 5 Megapixel
            Rear: 16 Megapixel
Power and Battery: 11 600 mAh 3.7 V lithium-polymer battery
            Charging via 12 V AC/DC power supply
Diagnostic Functions
Special Function 36
Guide Function Support Volkswagen,Audi
Coding and Adaptation BMW F and E chassis coding
            Porsche Coding
            Ford offline adaptation
Expanded Function
ADAS Support (Additional purchase of ADAS calibration frame system)
Battery and Electrical System Testing Support (Additional purchase of MaxiBAS BT506 tester)
Cloud Services Support
Cloud Services Ford offline adaptation
Remote Expert(Coming Soon) Support
Cloud Report Storage Support
Connectivity: Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n)USB: 2.0, Mini USB 2.0 Wireless BT V2.1+EDR Class1, HDMI 1.4a SD Card (support up to 32 GB)
Sensors; Gravity Accelerometer, Ambient Light Sensor (ALS)
Audio Input/Output: • Microphone • Single Speaker • 3-Band 3.5 mm stereo/standard headset jack
Input Voltage: 12 V (9-35 V)
Power Consumption: 5 W
Operating Temp.: -10 to 55°C (14 to 131°F)
Storage Temp.: -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 270.8 mm (10.0”) x 176.0 mm (6.9”) x 36.0 mm (1.4”)
Weight NW: 1.05 kg (2.3lb.)

Package List:

1pc x Autel MS906 Pro Tablet
1pc x MaxiVCI V200
1pc x AC/DC Adapter (12 V)
1pc x Type C USB Cable
1pc x Cigarette Lighter
2pcs x Light Fuse (60x30mm)
1pc x USB to Ethernet Adapter
1pc x Strap
1pc x Quick Reference
1pc x Package List
1pc x Soft Cloth
1pc x Carrying Case

1pc x MaxiBAS BT506


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